keyboard not working correctly with Synergy client on macOS



Following problems occurred on macOS with Synergy client.

  • Cursor key and Function key is OK. But alphabet and number keys are not working.
  • Mouse is OK.

The output log is below. Key is not found?

[2020-06-18T15:08:18] DEBUG1: recv key down id=0x00000061, mask=0x0000, button=0x001e
[2020-06-18T15:08:18] DEBUG: can't get the active group, use the first group instead
[2020-06-18T15:08:18] DEBUG1: mapKey 0061 (97) with mask 0000, start state: 0000
[2020-06-18T15:08:18] DEBUG1: key 0061 is not on keyboard


I don't know why but this problem is fixed by below.

  1. Open "Keyboard" of "System Preferences".
  2. Open "Input sources" and add English "U.S." keyboard.
  3. Restart Synergy.

I referenced this article.